Adventures of Nudge

Hello, everyone, my name is Rowena and welcome to my blog Adventures of Nudge and Rita. Most of us have had at least one pet dog in our lifetime. Mans best friend can range from our pamper pooches through to working dogs.

Rowena Henrichs

Rowena & Ralph 2005

Life was great. We had a thriving business. Working the hours we wanted, taking the children for mini breaks once a month, able to take holidays during the school holidays.

That’s when things changed one day my health was fine and the next our world caved in. during our holidays to Noosa, in Qld. I had no use of my left side and became unable to function. That was 20yrs ago.

So What Has That Got To Do With Dogs?

I had a relapse in 2014 and ended up back in bed. But this time we didn’t have a puppy to keep me company.

After much discussion, it was decided that if we got a dog, it would be one we could train as an Assistance Dog for me. After some research, we found you can owner train your dog and not have the expense of an organization. This started us on a new adventure.

Adventures of Nudge and Rita

Nudge is a Chocolate Labrador while Rita is a Staff x.

Rowena Henrichs - Adventures of Nudge
Rowena & Nudge 2017
Stop your dog from jumping on people
Rita & Nudge

 We have had both pups from the same time with Rita being 4 weeks older.

She was a rescue while Nudge was temperament tested as he is being owner-trained as an Assistance / Service Dog in Brisbane Australia.

I started the blog in 2017 not long after we got the pups as I found there was not much information about owner training especially in Australia and the different laws that apply to Queensland.

Join Us In Our Adventures

Through this blog, we aim to share our experiences and to help people to understand and appreciate their dogs.

Here you will find dog product reviews, tips for dog care and what training we have done. Also, information to help you get started with Assistance dog training and laws for Australia.