Dog Pens - Dog Enclosures and Pens

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Dog Enclosures and Pens

Here are the Dog Enclosures and Pens we used. Giving puppies free reign can cause many issues such as soiling, chewing on furniture, shoes and mouthing people. Puppies explore with their mouths, play with anything that looks inviting.

A puppy management plan allows for a safe place while they are not being supervised.

There are various options, each with their own pros and cons:

  • Crates
  • Playpens
  • Baby gated puppy proof rooms
  • Tether (only for older puppies)

In 2017, after researching different ways to manage the puppies so they couldn’t make “mistakes”. We decided on the below measures to keep the puppies and our belongings safe.

Inside Enclosures

Dog Soft Crate - Dog Enclosures and Pens

A Soft Crate

Nudge Slept in this crate for the first month.
He was in our bedroom for the first week, where we could take him out when he woke.
During Nudges second week with us, he developed an urinary infection. He lived in his metal crate until it cleared up.

Dog Soft Crate- Dog Enclosures and Pens

The crate was at the end of our bed for the puppies to sleep in if they were not in the pen in the lounge room.

Pros: Cons:
Crate training helps with toilet training Crating can cause stress
Crates provide a “safe-space/den” for your puppy. Not suitable for extended confinement
Puppy doesn’t learn to jump up and can’t jump out. Puppies are likely to chew and damage “soft” sided crates.
Dog playpen - Dog Enclosures and Pens

A Playpen​

The playpen was used a fair bit in the beginning when they were small. The base I used as his going out mat. As they got older Rita would push the sides and climb out.

Dog playpen - Dog Enclosures and Pens

The playpen in the lounge room, and Nudge used it until he could not fit through the doors anymore.

Pros: Cons:
More space than a crate. Allows jumping up on sides.
Metal Pen the size can be modified. Can be moved by determined puppies and strong jumpers.
Can be set up around a dog door so the puppy can access outside for potty. Not as easy for toilet training.
Metal Dog Crate - Dog Enclosures and Pens

Metal Crate 42″

Both puppies were crate trained, which helped with their potty training.
There was a canvas cover for the crate and 2 doors which we used all the time.

Metal Dog Crate - Dog Enclosures and Pens

The crate was setup in the corner of the lounge where you could watch them during the day.

Nudge slept in the crate until he became too big to stretch out.

Metal Pen - Dog Enclosures and Pens

Metal Pen 48″

This was a great setup, I would recommend it to everyone.
The pen follower the 2 walls from the corner and then arched around to meet the crate.

Metal Dog Crate - Dog Enclosures and Pens

The pen was cable tied to the back and front of the crate. The gave the 2nd door access from the crate into the pen.
This was Nudges bed until he was 12 months. When I felt I could trust him not to chew up the furniture during the night.
Video: Sleeping to Dog TV.

Outside Enclosure

Outside needs to be as safe as inside.

Your puppy will explore and find interesting things to do, such as dig up the plants or the irrigation system (which they did when unsupervised up the back yard).

Metal Pen - Dog Enclosures and Pens

Fence 1.8m high

We installed a 1.8m high fence with 2 gates. We bought premade pannels from Spot on pet enclosures and placed them in the required configuration. This encloses both back doors of the house. We can have both pups in the enclosed area or have them separated when needed.

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Dog Pens - Dog Enclosures and Pens

Our management plan worked well overall. It was the times where they had more freedom and less supervision that they got into mischief.

  • The soft crate was used for the first 12 months and is too small for Nudge to use now.
  • The Playpen was used for 6 months. The plan was to use it as a bed area for Nudge if we went away at any time.
  • The metal pen was packed up after 14 months.
  • The metal crate is still used. Rita had pushed herself out as we had not reinforced with cable ties.
  • The Outside area is used when we go out. Rita gets out and spends time at the pound.  She is the escape artist from any contained area, but she does spend more time alone when we go out with Nudge.

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