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This is the personal training log of Nudge, based on the Training Levels books written by Sue Ailsby. A pet doesn’t require the same degree of training as an Assistance/Service Dog.

Level1: Start of communication with your dog.
Level3: This dog has the skills of a great pet.
Level5: This dog has some travelling and public skills.
Level6&7: This dog has elite competition and public access skills.

Command Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3 Lv 4 Lv 5 Lv 6
Come 24/8/17 18/9/17 12m distract      
Down 24/8/17 16/9/17 17/10/17      
Sit 25/8/17 16/9/17 2m       
Target 14/10/17          
Self Control 25/8/17 16/9/17 stranger 15/9/17 While walking  
Up Onto bed Feet up          
Nudge Cuddles Deep pressure Max 1min        
Release Word / ok            
Crate 30/7/17 30/7/17 9/8/17 9/8/17 9/8/17 9/8/17
Distance Around pole          
Down Stay 6m          
Mat 2m          
Handling Nails ears     Wee on cue Mouth teeth  
Loose Leash 7/10/17     14/10/17  12m distract  
Sit Stay 6m          
Stand Stay            
Trick Ring Bells       Back up  
Watch 10 sec 30sec        
Contact Walk on Walk board          
Finish         Need solid 30sec eye contact  

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