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Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up On People

Do you have a dog that gets excited when you come home and jumps up on you? Are your visitors created by your little puppy trying to get their attention by jumping up?

Rita and Nudge get overexcited when a car turns up. You could be gone for 2 minutes or 2 hours and their excitement is the same. Even hearing a car drive past they run to the front door to see if they have visitors.

I had mat trained them when they were puppies so we could control them during the teen stage. But I am afraid we have been reinforcing their bad behaviour. Lack of consistent training is the cause. Even though Nudge has had more training to Rita and does not jump, he still tries to get your attention by hitting you with his paw.

Why Do Dogs Jump Up On People?

There are a number of theories about why dogs jump up on people.

1. A form of playful interaction

Puppies climb and jump over each other and their mother as part of their play. They also include their human family in this play by climbing and jumping on them. Who doesn’t love having their new puppy climbing over them getting and receiving attention?

But sometimes we can worsen the jumping up stage by rewarding the wrong behaviour. If the dog realizes that he can control a certain situation and environment with this action, a dog’s jumping will increase.

2. A social behaviour pattern

Puppies greet their mother by jumping up and licking her face. Your dog is probably jumping up to say, “Look at me!”

3. A form of uncontrolled Excitement

The excitement when a dog is unable to control themselves transforms into actions like jumping, spinning, barking, etc. The experts agree that the strongest link comes down to learnt behaviours.

“The reason why dogs do things incorrectly, whether it’s jumping up on you, dragging you on the lead, or barking non-stop, is because we have been inadvertently rewarding that behaviour,” says Dr Leigh.

What is adorable in a cute little puppy is not so cute with a large adult dog.

How To Stop A Dog From Jumping Up On People

It is a personal choice as to what you would prefer for your dog to do when someone arrives, or while playing, etc. But there are also different levels of difficulty and time requirements for each alternative behaviour, so this might factor in helping you decide what you prefer.

1. Turn your back

Turn your back on attempts of jumping and even walk away so the pup realises this behaviour always results in failure. Praise when feet on the floor.


2. A standing position

Standing is the easiest position to accomplish as it allows the dog to walk around.

If their concentration is broken they could start jumping again.

Nudge & Rita - Stop your dog from jumping on people
Nudge & Rita

3. A sit position

A sitting position is more complicated and requires longer training. In nature a dog would never sit in this situation as it is difficult to contain themselves with the extra energy.

4. A down and belly rub version

A down position is even more demanding to train but you may try incorporating. A roll over for belly rub.

This method has work for Rita sometimes, when I have tried together to sit, she will automatically roll onto her back for the belly rub.

Reward Good Behavior

Reward good behaviour and ignore anything else.

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Stop your dog from jumping on people

If you have concerns or are unsure about the best method of training your dog, consult with your veterinarian or another canine expert.

A local dog trainer will be happy to point you in the right direction and can be an invaluable resource for grooming a well-behaved pup.

Be sure to utilize all of the resources available to you.

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Cover Image Credit: Image by Martin Tajmr from Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up On People”

  1. Very nice website and very informative and appealing to the eyes. I like the contrast it font color it really helps to distinguish the sections.

  2. Love the advice in this post! We have a beautiful purebred boxer who just turned 2. He definitely qualifies as the overexcited type of jumper. I appreciate the advice you gave and I will try to use turning my back as a negative reinforcement technique. I will let you know if it works! Thanks again.

    1. Thanks, Ashley I would be interested to see how you go. Was watching a video of training this when they were puppies today. It is interesting to video yourself to check if you are giving the correct ques. Rowena

  3. Hi there, Our Dusty doesn’t jump up but does run towards visitors. This can frighten small children. How would we best train her to not be so full on? When we call her back she obeys but would be good to slow her enthusiasm a little. Look forward to your ideas. Cheers

    1. Hi Jill, I used peanut paste/butter. We got visitors to let us 10 mins before they arrived. Had the dogs sitting with focus on me and not the visitors. Rub a teaspoon of the peanut paste on your hand for the reward of staying calm. Just open and close your hand with it being closed for longer periods to increase time. You need a high value treat to keep their interest. Hope this gives you some ideas to try. Rowena

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